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Terra Militaris

Terra Militaris is a browser game developed by Snail Games behind Age of Wulin, and the Chosen. It is a rebuild of Ministry of War, and Imperial Warfare, in an effort to attack European gamers as 帝国文明 gains popularity in China. The game is now published by a handful of online games publishers, including Kongregate, Snail Games, Facebook, Gpotato, and Aeria games.
Become the leader of an ancient world power and lead your troops to conquer MMORTS Terra Militaris in the numerous struggles for dominance of the continents.  As a representative of the Romans, Persians, Egyptians, Chinese, you will initiate the war to the rest of others. Each kingdom has its own individual cultural benefits.
All of the titles are inspired from Microsoft’s Age of Empires Online, while rendering the addiction and enjoyment onto the web browser. Terra Militaris starts at an early epoch in human history. Your people are still relatively underdeveloped and only has some land and some cabins.
You need to build settlements for your workers who are able to produce raw materials that are vital to train troops and do research, build new buildings and form an ancient city. Of course you should always have your eye on the research of new findings. Engaging in trade, cultural exchange and military attack are the core elements of the game, increases the interaction and warfare among players.
Afterwards, you will have to establish your alliance where your allies could work together to attack other kingdoms. Therefore, it is not common to fight for more territories and resources.  All battles in Terra Militaris takes place in real-time and give you full control over your troops. Each time you launch your attack, you should assign a General or Commander to boss your armies and win ingame experience, strength and special equipment, making your commander particularly valuable in the fight.
The same codes that has been employed in Terra Militaris can be found anywhere in Chinese MMORPG Games such as Warflow, Batheo. Even those Chinese bad programming is embedded into Facebook games such as Dragons of Atlantis, Samurai Dynasty.

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