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Dragon’s Call II

Dragon’s Call II is a new sequel to Dragon’s Call from EverDream or RayMedia (the official website claimed), part of China-based NetDragon Incorporation. The new version undergoes a dramatic change of graphics, gameplay and storyline compared to the original, but its new version is hardly considered to be a new title in front of Legend Warrior, Pockie pirates, or  Dawn of Darkness.


Dragon’s Call II is hardly considered to be a new title. You know exactly what is coming the very moment you see the game interface.
If you ever played Dawn of Darkness: Glory Calling on Facebook, you will be familiar with the basic gameplay of Dragon Call II: you have your avatar run from left to right, talk with NPCs, accept missions, and go straight to the right of the town, select the instance and again go all the way from left to right, kill all the monsters and evils in the way until they are cleared up and a box drops onto the ground from nowhere, and you claim the gold, experience or other items you may need.
That might sound a little bit complicated. But the game manages to make it easy by offering the most convenient mission-tracking system. You click the underlined contents in the mission bar and you pretty much have it all covered. That is still true in instance maps, which is quite different from many MMORPGs out there. Of course, you will have to click the dialog boxes to chat with NPCs so that they would hand out missions. The long and omnipresent conversations help make the game immersive and intriguing – if you ever read them at all.
With the automatic mission-tracking system that is still functioning well in instance maps, you fall into the fixed pattern in which you only need to click the quest bar and click through the conversations.
Battles are automatically performed and the results pretty much depend on how many members you’ve got on your team and how powerful their weapons are. Every time you enter an instance map, you have your avatar go rightward and whenever it encounters an enemy, a battle is triggered and you can only watch the dazzling battling visuals and wait for the results. Once in a while, you will need to spend gold in refining the weapons so that your avatar and other fighters would cause more damages while defend against attacks from enemies.
Thanks to the almost 100% automatic battling and mission-tracking systems, Dragon Call II is anything but a challenging and exciting game that hardcore gamers crave for. Anybody can easily follow the quests and stories without meeting any obstacles whatsoever. However, that also means there is a high chance that you might be bored. After all, the mission-tracking thing decreases the fun of exploring the world, while the automatic battling indicates you wouldn’t be able to design battle strategies and enjoy the fun of participating in battles.
The worst of all is not the completely automatic battling, intelligent mission-tracking system, or the tedious trips between your instance maps and the towns. It is the fact that all those stuffs have been seen and, criticized, already. Aside from the sort of refined graphics, you might find nothing much different between Dragon Call and Pockie Pirates.
The only way to relish Dragon’s Call II, I’m afraid, is to read through all the instructions and conversations and involve yourself in the story rather than really play it. If you happen to be one of those guys who totally ignores stories and care only about fighting and enhancing battle skills, well, forget about it.

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